Chocolate Mint Brownies with Pudding

Chocolate Mint Brownies with Pudding & Cream Cheese / by Busy Mom's Helper #dessert #ChristmasinJuly #mint #brownies

About time I posted a holiday dessert for our Christmas in July week, right?! Better late than never, I hope. These Chocolate Mint Brownies with Pudding are worth waiting for, though…so creamy, with the perfect blend of chocolate and mint flavor. Yumm-o! I got the inspiration for this from Beyond Frosting’s Chocolate Peppermint Lasagna. I […]

The Ultimate Free Christmas Printable Round Up

Ultimate Free Christmas Printable Round Up / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #FreePrintables #Holidays #ChristmasDecor

I couldn’t do a Christmas in July week without doing an AMAZING list of the most adorable, fun and elegant prints I could find, so here y’all go: The Ultimate Free Christmas Printable Round Up! There’s a TON of beautiful, artistic and down-right funny prints on this list, and they’re all FREE! Yup, I’m a […]

Holiday Candy Bar Wrappers

Holiday Candy Bar Wrappers / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Holidays #CandyWrappers #Gift

I won’t sugar-coat it, but I love candy bars (haha)! I hate that they’re at the check-out lines at the store, because it’s just so tempting to snap one up and throw it on the belt. I do it all too often. I LOVE getting them to give away, though, because I can give in […]

Design Your Own Christmas Glasses

Design Your Own Christmas Glasses / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Craft #Holidays #KidsCraft

Do you have some fun holiday traditions in your family? We have quite a few, but growing up one of them was having specific glasses we used during the holidays. They were clear and tall glasses with green and red polka dots. Simple, yet very cute! I wanted to make some special glasses for my […]

Christmas Tic Tacs

Christmas Tic Tacs / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Gift #Grinch

This is one Christmas in July post that I’ve been totally stoked to share with y’all! These Christmas Tic Tacs come with three different holiday-themed printables, including Grinch Pills, Snowman Poop and Penguin Ice Cubes. Cute, right?! Funny story…we spent the past 3 weeks on vacation visiting our family and friends in Utah. While there, […]

Rudolph The Red Toes Reindeer Gift

Rudolph The Red Toes Reindeer Gift / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #FreePrintable #Gift

How’s everyone surviving their Tuesday? Mine is going fabulous, so far, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it continues! I will admit, I’m having a blast doing all of these Christmas in July posts….really getting me in a ‘jolly’ mood! This afternoon, I’m sharing this adorable Rudolph The Red Toes Reindeer Gift! Remember with this […]

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Packages

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Packages / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Gifts #Holidaycraft

You know those weeks where you have no idea how you survived Monday, let alone how you’re going to get through the rest of the week? Yup, that’s me this morning! On the up-side, though, I have the daughters of one of my AMAZING friends coming to watch my kids so I can play a […]

Super Easy Santa Bag

Super Easy Santa Bag / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #GiftBag #Santa #Christmas

Yes, it’s Christmas in July, folks! This week is FULL of Christmas-themed crafts, gifts, decor and food (chocolate included!), and I’m talking 2-3 shared PER DAY this week, so be sure you’re checking back often. Tonight I’m sharing this adorable and Super Easy Santa Bag! I love the holidays, and Christmas is by far my […]

Craft Lightning: Ladybug Bird Feeder Summer Camp Craft

Craft Lightning: Ladybug Bird Feeder Summer Camp Craft / by Busy Mom's Helper #summercamp #kidcraft

Wow, what an insane couple of months it’s been! I’d say time has flown by…but even that’s an understatement! In just a month, Wonder Woman will be heading to 3rd grade and ALL of my boys will be going to preschool three days a week. Am I excited? Heck Yeah!!!! But there is still a […]

Christmas in July 2014

Christmas in July 2014 / by Busy Mom's Helper #Christmas #Holidays

Hey, y’all! I know I said this week and next would be Christmas in July, with a new holiday craft every single weekday……but our vacation has been so full of crazy, busy fun that I’m totally behind! Since I really want to focus on my family the last tiny bit of vacation, there won’t be […]

Phineas and Ferb Christmas in July

Phineas & Ferb Summer Series: Christmas in July / by Busy Mom's Helper #Christmas #P&FSummer #KidsCrafts

Merry Christmas! Okay, so it’s the middle of July…but I’m so excited to kick off our Christmas in July fun! The next two weeks will be filled with holiday gifts, decor and other wonderful ideas! To kick it off, let’s start with our Phineas and Ferb Christmas in July! This episode is a 2-part one, […]

DIY Baptism Pillow Gift

DIY Baptism Pillow Gift / by Busy Mom's Helper #LDS #Baptism #Gift #Craft #Sewing

My sweet little niece just got baptized this month, and we wanted to give her something simple-yet-cute, and something to help remind her of her promises to Choose The Right (CTR). This DIY Baptism Pillow Gift turned out so beautiful and soft, and I loved how easy it was to make! I probably don’t share […]

Creamy Chocolate Layered Pie

Creamy Chocolate Layered Pie / by Busy Mom's Helper #chocolatepie #dessert #chocolate #brownie

In search of a chocolaty treat that’s super delish? Who isn’t, right?! Well this Creamy Chocolate Layered Pie is just the ticket! One of my amazing friends is also a foodie, and she has some of the best recipes! One week I was having a hard time, and she suddenly surprised me with this Creamy […]

Phineas & Ferb Summer Series: Week 6

Phineas & Ferb Summer Series: Week 6 / by Busy Mom's Helper #pfsummer #kidactivities #kidcrafts #summerfun

What a weekend! We had so many things going on over the 4th of July week, it totally rushed by! I hope yours was fabulously fun and you were able to get some great family time in! Ready for some more amazing activity ideas for your kiddos this week? Then let’s get on with this […]

Strawberry Mango Popsicles

Strawberry Mango Popsicles / by Busy Mom's Helper #popsicles #fruitpops #4thofjuly #frozentreat

Happy 4th of July, y’all! In celebration of today, I’m sharing a super (like, as simple as can be) recipe that will help you beat the heat and have a special treat: Strawberry Mango Popsicles! I have to say, I’m so proud and grateful to live in this amazing country. No, it isn’t perfect and […]