FROZEN Inspired Bedroom

FROZEN Inspired Bedroom / by www.BusyMomsHelper #Frozen #bedroom #girlsbedroom #remodel #Disney

Phew….it’s been quite the overhaul the past couple months remodeling TWO rooms at the same time! It’s been crazy, but I absolutely LOVE how this FROZEN Inspired Bedroom for my little lady turned out….so perfect, and she’s totally thrilled with it! So I shared the other room that’s been undergoing a huge transformation on Sunday […]

DIY Craft Table

DIY Craft Table Tutorial / by #craftroom #diytable #remodel

Do you have a specific table for your crafting, sewing, and random other work? Or do you kind of find an open spot at the dining table or kitchen counter, or squeeze room on your spouse’s desk? Well, I’ve done all of those, but no more thanks to our DIY Craft Table! If you saw […]

Favorite Pins of the Week: Round 5

Favorite Pins of the Week: Round 5 / by

How was everyone’s Easter weekend? Did it include LOTS of candy, family fun, and friends? Ours sure did, and we loved every minute! It WAS exhausting, however, since I had SO MUCH to do to prepare to attend SNAP! Conference this weekend…but tried to do as much as I could while the kids were asleep […]

Craft Room Grand Reveal

Craft Room Grand Reveal / by www.BusyMom's Helper #craftroom #roommakeover #remodel

I’m FINALLY done!!! It’s taken weeks (possibly months, depending on what you consider the ‘start’) for the remodel of my craft room, but I’m finally ready to share it with you all. I wanted it to be MY space, the one room that I could do however I wanted, escape to and just create by […]

What to Pack for SNAP! Or Other Blogger Conferences

What to Pack for SNAP! Or Other Blogger Conferences / by

Guys, I’m so stinkin’ excited I could die! Next weekend I’ll be attending my first blogger conference EVER: SNAP! I booked my ticket the minute I could, so this has been 6 months of anticipation building up all down to less than a week. There’s so much I need/want to do to prepare, but right […]

How to Make Curtains: Or Not!

How to Make Curtains: Or Not! / by #curtains #tutorial #diycurtains #craftfail

Some of you may have caught on the hints I’ve been giving as to my current major project…my craft room! It’s been so fun, and in just a couple days I’ll be sharing the big reveal with you all, so stay tuned! For now, here’s my tutorial on How to Make Curtains: Or Not! You […]

Chocolate Monster Cookie Bars

Chocolate Monster Cookie Bars / by #chocolate #cookies #dessert

This past weekend I hosted a monthly ‘cooking club’, and it took me forever to choose what dish I wanted to try. After much debate, I decided to try my best at these Chocolate Monster Cookie Bars. They were a huge success! How it works is, a bunch of ladies and I get together once […]

Our Kitchens to Yours Giveaway


Who wants to win an amazing prize package to fill your kitchen with some fabulous tools and accessories? Who WOULDN’T, right?! I’ve teamed up with some fabulous food bloggers (plus one wonderful Pixie & Pirate Destinations vacation planner) to bring you our favorite things From Our Kitchens To Yours: Giveaway! Not only are we sharing with […]

Easter Scavenger Hunt: Free Printables

Easter Scavenger Hunt with Free Printables / by #Easter #freeprintables #egghunt #Easterhunt #scavengerhunt

I don’t know why, but my kids are REALLY getting into the Easter fun lately. They keep talking about eggs, their baskets, and asking all sorts of questions about the Easter bunny. With all the jibber-jabber, it’s hard for me to ignore the fact that it’s fast approaching. Ugh! One of the things that’s a […]

Favorite Pins of the Week: Round 4

Favorite Pins of the Week: Round 4 / from

So I know you’re all probably dying of shock that I’ve actually posted THREE whole days in a row now, huh? I’m so sorry I’ve been so spazzy lately…it’s been an insane month! Not only the transfer to WordPress and redesigning the blog, but also trying to better my posts/pics, be more social with social […]

DIY Color Games

DIY Color Games / by #craft #colorgames #kids #learningcolors

All of my boys are at that age of almost-kindergarten learning. The twins won’t go for another year, then the following year my ‘baby’ begins. For now, I just like covering the bases of their learning, such as the alphabet, colors, stuff like that. The best way to teach (or to even get the attention […]

Smart Money Smart Kids: Dave & Rachel’s New Book

Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze's Smart Money Smart Kids, Book Review / by / #money #parenting #kids #DaveRamsey #Finances

Guys I’m So. Dang. Excited! I’m part of the launch team for Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze’s (his daughter) new book: Smart Money Smart Kids. Now that I’ve read the entire thing (and am preparing to re-read it), I have to admit I don’t even know where to START in telling you guys about it! […]

Favorite Pins of the Week: Round 3

Favorite Pins of the Week: Round 3 / Busy Mom's Helper

I’ve totally slacked on this the past few weeks, but after some requests from you guys, I’ve brought back Favorite Pins of the Week…and we’re on to Round 3! This week’s Favorite Pins we have some fun things for Easter and Springtime because, quite frankly, I’m SO SICK OF WINTER!!!! So yes, lots of fun […]

Heroes of the City App & Giveaway!

Heroes of the City App & Giveaway / Busy Mom's Helper

I was given a free full-version of this app to review, along with the items included in the giveaway. All opinions are my own. I’m constantly on the lookout for good children’s apps. Not that my kids are on devices often, but when they are, I want it to be worth it. This Heroes of […]

Garlic Parmesan Knots

Garlic Parmesan Knots /

Are you a garlic fan? We sure are, especially garlic bread with spaghetti or other red-sauced pasta. I don’t often like spending tons of time, though, so these super-quick Garlic Parmesan Knots are perfect!   I know I just did a recipe using refrigerated crescents/biscuits the other day with these Super Quick Beignets, but they’re […]