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Ideas for Chores while Travelling / by Busy Mom's Helper

Ideas for Chores While Travelling

Our family LOVES to travel, even if we don't get to do it very often right now. One thing we learned while our kids were really young is that we really let go as far as chores and teaching responsibilities while we're gone - which isn't bad, we are on vacation after all! But we decided we like keeping them in the habit, and it makes for a happier vacation when we're all pitching in. Since it's different than when you're at home, what they can do changes - so I made a list of some awesome Ideas for Chores While Travelling to help you … [Read More...]

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DIY Frozen Shirts / by Busy Mom's Helper #SouperPower #CleverGirls #

Family Moments with DIY Frozen Shirts

With our lives being so busy, we make it a priority to 'freeze' for some quality, family time. We love doing fun projects together, especially when it's themed after some of our favorite things...like Disney movies! Last weekend we loved spending time together creating these fabulous DIY Frozen Shirts as a family. We … [Read More...]

Hot Milk Cake by Nikki Christiansen for Busy Moms Helper

Hot Milk Cake

Hey it is Nikki again, with an amazing and fun kind of recipe for anyone looking for an easy dessert that is amazing.  My husband introduced me to this recipe when we first got married and I thought he was crazy! There was no way Hot Milk Cake could be good, especially without frosting - but after we made this I have been hooked … [Read More...]


Layered Beef & Veggie Enchiladas

Today I'm sharing with y'all a recipe I grew up loving, although I've tweaked a few things to make it work with my own family's taste preferences! I love flexible recipes like these Layered Beef & Veggie Enchiladas - you can change the level of spiciness according to who you're feeding, leave out certain ingredients if your … [Read More...]

Gooey Brownie Bars/ by Busy Mom's Helper

Gooey Brownie Bars

It's been a bit since I've shared some chocolaty goodness with you, so how about we do these super delish, moisty Gooey Brownie Bars?! They're quick to make (woot woot!) and taste amazing! You can't really go wrong with marshmallows, right? I'll be honest, these weren't my first batch last week. I had tried a totally … [Read More...]

Awesome Things Tuesday / by Busy Mom's Helper

Awesome Things Tuesday

Were you one of our fabulous features in this week's Awesome Things Tuesday? Come find out, check out the other amazing ideas, and leave some of yours to share! Can't wait to see what everyone's been up to this past week :D This week’s features!  Gold Striped Accent Wall from Albion Gold  Meals on a Budget from Glamp … [Read More...]